Our Clean Eating Philosophy

The term ‘clean eating’ gets thrown around a lot these days and is used to describe a range of diets and lifestyles from the paleo-inspired, to the raw food revolution.

So, what does this term mean to us at Nice Kitty? Clean eating is responsible eating. It’s spoiling yourself with the natural pleasures that mother nature has gifted us with and enjoying the naturally occurring simple sugars in foods like dates, maple syrup and cherries. It’s about balance. It’s about having treats which are 100% ‘clean’ and 100% delicious.

For us, this journey has been about understanding that both physical and mental wellbeing are equally important, and that the food we eat enhances and supports this wellbeing.  It’s our pleasure to design food which celebrates and supports this, and we love recreating our favourite foods in a way which is better for our health, our families, and our environment.

The biggest joy for us since beginning Nice Kitty Co has been finding a way – through creativity, experimentation and a deep affinity for natural ingredients – to craft products which makes us do a happy dance in the kitchen, but which are still free from artificial products, gluten, animal products and refined sugar.

Our NK treats might taste naughty but they’re guaranteed to leave you feeling nice!

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